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The Barque of Heaven-- new SG1 book from Fandemonium Feb. 12th, 2008 @ 09:34 am
Now, THIS is a Stargate book! This is what I've been wanting to see since Fandemonium started this project back whenever it was. This is the TEAM that got me hooked on the show and kept me watching, even after that team had disintegrated.

The story takes place in third season after Deadman's Switch. Jack is the strong, SMART military leader with a sarcastic sense of humour and a heart of gold. Daniel is the eager, curious archaeologist/linguist sticking his nose everywhere and talking nonstop. Teal'c is the strong, faithful warrior, watching over Daniel and his other teammates. And Sam. This is Sam, not Carter, whom I ended up hating after season four began and heartily loathed by the end of the series. This is the Sam I liked, the strong, smart military soldier, the geeky scientist, Daniel's big sister. This is MY SG-1.

I suck at synopsis, and honestly, pretty much anything I say will give away one of the twist, turns and surprises that abound in this book. Suffice to say, the team gates to a planet where they can't leave until they solve a riddle and get a gate address and password. They have to do this through thirteen planets, and each planet is different with a full-bodied world created by the author. There is hurt comfort. Lots of hurt, lots of comfort.

What I especially liked about this book is how the author brought in one tiny little bit of the movie, plus drew in something from the series-- that hadn't happened yet in season 3-- and meshed it all together in a brilliant ending.

If you haven't ordered this book yet (and why haven't you?!?!) you can do so at MSOL, where a percent of the sale goes to the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada:


Buy the book. You will be very glad you did!

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Reminder - We're still around! Please write some reccs! Please? Aug. 6th, 2006 @ 08:39 am
Whoa! It's been almost a year since the last entry onto this Fic Recc LJ community.

I haven't been greatly into reading fic recently - developments in the series haven't been thrilling or inspiring me.
But perhaps some of you on the list know some kick-butt writers and fic that have happened within the past year. Seriously, though: no Sam/Jack or Vala/Daniel fics, please.

Stargate: Rebellion and Reconnaissance by Bill McCay Sep. 8th, 2005 @ 04:24 pm
All the books in this five book series are out of print, but you can pick them up in used bookstores, on Amazon.com and other web-bookstores. Prices vary.

I found out I have books 1 and 4 out of a 5 book series. I've started reading the first book, Rebellion, and wow, am I a happy camper.

The book starts right off soon after where the movie ends. Earth sends in a corporation to be in charge of negotiating with the Abydonians for extracting the quartzite mineral that the Stargate is made of. Jack is very much JACK (think the movie Jack) in this. He's back together with his wife, and he's not a doofus, and he's a commanding presence. He's In Charge. Some nasty things start happening with the corporation and the way it treats the Abydonians as almost-slaves. Daniel is ONLY an Egyptologist, and not a superscientist multidegreed Alphaguy like Series Daniel is.

There is no Carter and no Teal'c -- but Ferretti and Kawalkski play major roles. West is still in control of the base and there's some question as to what his motivations are, and if he'll pull through for the Good Guys.

Oh, and then Hathor is awakened after an 8,500 year sleep in Ra's back-up sarcophagus, and promptly goes forward to take over Ra's diminishing Empire. She's a human from the First Times when Ra took over the middle east -- and does she kick ASS.

I've skimmed parts of Reconnaissance, the 4rth book. A lot's happened between the first book and this one, but McCay fills you in with the highlights as you go along. But Jack is still Jack, and not the weak, ineffectual man he was turned into in the later seasons of the series, and it's so refreshing. This is not a Jack that would make goo-goo eyes with his second-in-command, nor tolerate it from her. Carter would have been booted off the team (if even accepted in the first place) at the first sign of that shit no matter how many times she's saved the planet.

I do regret the lack of Teal'c, but he's featured so rarely on the show and in fic - official and fan - that I have to say, I don't really miss him that much. Besides, there would be no angst there, anyway, since Sha'uri doesn't die, although she and Daniel have a rocky marriage that isn't magically fixed when things go wrong, or right, between them.

I'm really enjoying this series. The movie has always been the touchstone for me for the series, and as the original Universe for the Stargate, I'll take this one as the Primary Universe, and the Series Universe as the Beta Universe - taking place as an AU around the corner from each other.

Medicinal Purposes by Patricia (Tricia) Byrnes Aug. 26th, 2005 @ 10:40 am
Y'all are going to kill me. I found this fic on LJ, downloaded it onto my PDA, but didn't keep the bookmark or the LJ name of the writer. I think this writer usually focuses on Sam/Jack, or Daniel/Janet, or something like that.

It's Janet/Teal'c, Angst, Smut, and first time. I don't usually go for the het stuff, but this combination worked for me. Yup. Teal'c gets some. When does he *not*? Oh, right, when he's being the Yenta! Heh.

If you know what the LJ name of the writer is, please let me know, and I'll correct the entry to reflect it. In the meantime, I will put the fic (it's not long) behind an LJ cut, and remove it once the URL is found.

Medicinal Purposes by P. ByrnesCollapse )
Other entries
» Not a fic listing, but something else...
If you love Teal'c, and don't have much time to write, or read, then take a look at this new LJ community. It's still small, and has about five drabbles or minifics listed, but take a look:

tealc_drabbles run by perihawk

So, join in the fun!

I will be adding more Teal'c fics as I find them, and as folks suggest candidates to me. Oh, and when August runs out? Doesn't mean that Teal'c will be ignored. So if you find a Teal'c fic that you like, recc/review it, and add it to the line-up!
» Dinner At Teal'cs Place by Ozymandia


Answer to my challenge: To start, let's make it a Christmas fic.

Since everyone enjoys writing about food, it has to involve Christmas dinner... BUT it has to be an *unusual* Christmas dinner. No turkey and stuffing, no ham and pineapple. Something different that someone decides to cook for dinner for the holiday, and the team's reaction to this unusual feast.

We need to have presents... someone gets a present they hate. But the giver obviously misread something and thinks the recipient will love it. How does the recipient handle this?

And to make it a real challenge... how about we stick to gen?

Feedback: always.

Not beta'd.

Warnings: none

Spoilers: Ascension I believe. Not a major one though.

This one looks like a good bet. Found on the Ashton site, the page was full of Holiday fic from a wide variety of fic writers. Lots of holiday inspired cartoons by Leah Rosenthal at the top of the page, too, to put you in the mood. Here's the link to the page I found the fic on: http://xmas.ashtonpress.net/stargate.htm
» Three Fics by Leviathan
Here's Leviathan's homepage. Scroll down for the three fics that are in this slash series. No, I have not personally read them.


Daniel/Teal'c slash fic. They take place around "100 Days", "Shades of Gray" and the third one doesn't seem to be a tag fic.

The Other 100 Days

Jack's trapped on Edora. Sam's trapped in her lab. What are Daniel and Teal'c doing?
Complete in and of itself, 1st story of the "Stealth and Wall" series. Rating: NC-17 (lots of sex and some language)
Warnings: I'm not of the school of thought that has Junior missing out on the fun. So, if you can't deal with the snake, this story is not for you. A squick warning for slash people - the Sam/Jack romance does rear its ugly head in here. There's a reason for it, really!
Spoilers: 100 Days (obviously), The Broca Divide, There But for the Grace of God.

A Single Star - Grey

A different view of Shades of Grey.
Story 2A of the series. Rating: R (some sex, some language).
Warnings: A squick warning for slash people - the Sam/Jack romance does rear its ugly head in here. There's a reason for it, really!
Spoilers, obviously, for Shades of Grey.

A Single Star - Medley

Life continues with Daniel and Teal'c in the SGC while crap goes on around them.
Story 2B of the series. Rating: NC-17 (sex, extreme alien sex, some language).
Warnings: Lots. Junior reminds us that he's a little shithead. If you can't handle the symbiote making his views known, you should probably get out of here now.
SpoilersNew Ground, Maternal Instinct and Crystal Skull for the most part. Probably a few others that I'm forgetting at the moment.

And darn the backdate feature does NOT work for communities! I wish I'd known that before. Ah well. Be prepared for lots of Teal'c fic listings clogging up your flists. Again, I'm sorry I'm not monitoring the quality of the fics I'm posting up, which is NOT what I was planning...but hey, more fodder for responses, right?
» The Matchmaker by CJ
Okay, I'll be honest here, and say that I'm trying to dig up all the Teal'c fic I can, since I was gone for a week, had a headache for a week, and then clean forgot several times to start getting the Teal'c fic out.

I'm not going to have read a few of these -- this is the only one at Abydos Gate that listed Teal'c as the primary focus, and yes, it's a ship fic, with an OC. That doesn't bode well for me, since in the synopsis, it appears that Jack is the Yenta here, since Teal'c is otherwise occupied being the love interest.

Anyhow, here's the link: http://stargate-sg1.hu/fanfiction/categories.php?catid=4&parentcatid=4
and tell me what you all think of this one.

I'm going to come back later and read it, then give my opinion.

The Matchmaker by Cjay | Reviews (3)
Summary : A new lady arrives at the SGC and takes an interest in Teal'c. Jack, concerned about his friend, lends a hand, hoping the big guy will get his mojo back.
Category: Teal'c Fic Word Count : 26149
Genres: Humor, Romance Chapters: 4
Rating: ALL Warnings: none

Published: 07/04/04 Updated: 12/29/04
» Golden Bands by Josephine
I might have to borrow another recc site's template, just to stay organized!

Genre: Het, Teal'c/Other(sort of), heavy sexual content
Fic Title: Golden Bands
Author: Josephine
On LJ?: lovellama
Website: http://josephinesgate.net/josephine/index.html this can also be located through her LJ user page

Josephine, otherwise known as Lovellama on LJ, wrote a series of fics about Teal'c and a very authentically written "other" OFC. This story takes place after the explanation of who this OFC is. Technically, it's a het story/series, but looked at another way, it could be taken as slash (IMO). Teal'c and a female clone of Jack hit it off...and boy, do they Hit It Off. Josephine writes very hot emotive sex, and pulls out all the stops for this series.

This particular story in the series is what drew me in. There's this ritual in Jaffa-land, and this very feminist clone named Joanne -- who is, by the way, a very distinctive voice, sharply delineated -- isn't very thrilled with the Monday Night Football atmosphere at first, until one of the Jaffa women clues her in to what's going on. I leave it to a new reader to discover exactly what the Golden Bands of the title are, but let's just say, it's a new angle to the Jaffa I haven't heard of before.

I do recommend the series as a whole. The only issue I had with them plot-wise were the ends, which were sometimes abrupt.
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