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Stargate: Rebellion and Reconnaissance by Bill McCay - Stargate SG-1 Fanfic Reviews

About Stargate: Rebellion and Reconnaissance by Bill McCay

Previous Entry Stargate: Rebellion and Reconnaissance by Bill McCay Sep. 8th, 2005 @ 04:24 pm Next Entry
All the books in this five book series are out of print, but you can pick them up in used bookstores, on Amazon.com and other web-bookstores. Prices vary.

I found out I have books 1 and 4 out of a 5 book series. I've started reading the first book, Rebellion, and wow, am I a happy camper.

The book starts right off soon after where the movie ends. Earth sends in a corporation to be in charge of negotiating with the Abydonians for extracting the quartzite mineral that the Stargate is made of. Jack is very much JACK (think the movie Jack) in this. He's back together with his wife, and he's not a doofus, and he's a commanding presence. He's In Charge. Some nasty things start happening with the corporation and the way it treats the Abydonians as almost-slaves. Daniel is ONLY an Egyptologist, and not a superscientist multidegreed Alphaguy like Series Daniel is.

There is no Carter and no Teal'c -- but Ferretti and Kawalkski play major roles. West is still in control of the base and there's some question as to what his motivations are, and if he'll pull through for the Good Guys.

Oh, and then Hathor is awakened after an 8,500 year sleep in Ra's back-up sarcophagus, and promptly goes forward to take over Ra's diminishing Empire. She's a human from the First Times when Ra took over the middle east -- and does she kick ASS.

I've skimmed parts of Reconnaissance, the 4rth book. A lot's happened between the first book and this one, but McCay fills you in with the highlights as you go along. But Jack is still Jack, and not the weak, ineffectual man he was turned into in the later seasons of the series, and it's so refreshing. This is not a Jack that would make goo-goo eyes with his second-in-command, nor tolerate it from her. Carter would have been booted off the team (if even accepted in the first place) at the first sign of that shit no matter how many times she's saved the planet.

I do regret the lack of Teal'c, but he's featured so rarely on the show and in fic - official and fan - that I have to say, I don't really miss him that much. Besides, there would be no angst there, anyway, since Sha'uri doesn't die, although she and Daniel have a rocky marriage that isn't magically fixed when things go wrong, or right, between them.

I'm really enjoying this series. The movie has always been the touchstone for me for the series, and as the original Universe for the Stargate, I'll take this one as the Primary Universe, and the Series Universe as the Beta Universe - taking place as an AU around the corner from each other.
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Date:December 14th, 2005 08:20 am (UTC)
I've read this one. Great review! Do you know where I can find a list of the books? I have three of them, I think, but I'm not sure which order they're in. I didn't even know there were five books. I thought I had them all.
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