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About The Barque of Heaven-- new SG1 book from Fandemonium

Previous Entry The Barque of Heaven-- new SG1 book from Fandemonium Feb. 12th, 2008 @ 09:34 am
Now, THIS is a Stargate book! This is what I've been wanting to see since Fandemonium started this project back whenever it was. This is the TEAM that got me hooked on the show and kept me watching, even after that team had disintegrated.

The story takes place in third season after Deadman's Switch. Jack is the strong, SMART military leader with a sarcastic sense of humour and a heart of gold. Daniel is the eager, curious archaeologist/linguist sticking his nose everywhere and talking nonstop. Teal'c is the strong, faithful warrior, watching over Daniel and his other teammates. And Sam. This is Sam, not Carter, whom I ended up hating after season four began and heartily loathed by the end of the series. This is the Sam I liked, the strong, smart military soldier, the geeky scientist, Daniel's big sister. This is MY SG-1.

I suck at synopsis, and honestly, pretty much anything I say will give away one of the twist, turns and surprises that abound in this book. Suffice to say, the team gates to a planet where they can't leave until they solve a riddle and get a gate address and password. They have to do this through thirteen planets, and each planet is different with a full-bodied world created by the author. There is hurt comfort. Lots of hurt, lots of comfort.

What I especially liked about this book is how the author brought in one tiny little bit of the movie, plus drew in something from the series-- that hadn't happened yet in season 3-- and meshed it all together in a brilliant ending.

If you haven't ordered this book yet (and why haven't you?!?!) you can do so at MSOL, where a percent of the sale goes to the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada:


Buy the book. You will be very glad you did!
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