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Stargate SG-1 Fanfic Reviews

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The First series by The Prophet Aug. 1st, 2005 @ 02:56 pm
Gen, Sexual violence (rape). Novel length.
The First by The Prophet

The First Series by The Prophet tells the story of Teal'c parents from his birth on, and how he managed to get to Apophis' planet from Cronus' homeworld where his father was First Prime. The Prophet tries to take what little has been given us about Teal'cs background and weaves it into a cogent story that tries not to contradict the show's canon too much.

It's been a while since I've read it, but I do remember that it was pretty good. And long. Set some hours aside to read it. It's a series in several parts, all leading up to Teal'cs defection to the Tau'ri, and how Bra'tac slowly moves him along the path of rebellion.

August is Teal'c Fic Month Jul. 29th, 2005 @ 02:42 pm

Poor Teal'c. Underappreciated. Unsung. Misunderstood. Or simply a Yenta in slash and het fic. *sigh*

This is Teal'c Month on Stargate Fic Reviews.

Eligible Teal'c fics are:

  • Teal'c as the Main Character, or in a large secondary role
  • Teal'c as the POV, with the others seen through his eyes
  • Teal'c history, but he must appear at some point
  • Teal'c is instrumental to solving a problem, or comes up with the solution himself
  • Teal'c shipped or slashed with someone

In other words, Teal'c is not a Yenta (the guy who makes Jack or Sam or Daniel wake up and smell the coffee), he is not the Silent Man, he is not a third wheel.

If you know a good one, stick up here, tell why you liked it (or not, but nicely: there's a shortage of good Teal'c fics, and what might not go for you might tickle someone else) or why someone *else* might like it. But please do post it. Or mention it here in the comment section of this post, and someone will get around to sticking it up on its own entry.

Facilis Descensus Averno by Quercus Jul. 26th, 2005 @ 07:42 pm
Gen, Adventure, Team with Jack and Daniel emphasis, friendship

The team Gates to a planet where the people speak a dialect of Tuscan Italian...that's mystery enough, but when Jack up and disappears during a hidden meeting with the local magistrate, things get stranger and stranger. Daniel hunts Jack down with Sam and Teal'c, but -- well, I'm not going to give it away. Let's just say this is a truly Otherworldly fic. Splendid use of mythology in the mileau of Stargate. This is what the show should be like. If only.



Little Kid Diplomacy by Jingles Jul. 24th, 2005 @ 04:40 pm
Categories: Gen, Kidfic, Drama, Humor

I stumbled onto Little Kid Diplomacy what seems *ages* ago. SG-1 gates to a planet and, except for Teal'c, they all wake up as children. Teal'c takes them back to the SGC, and Teal'c, Janet, and Hammond, as well as Siler and the rest of the gang, care for the kids. The children remain in character as I would see them being. Daniel is a charming three-year old who likes Hammond enough to curl up on his lap (and Hammond is just adorable as a grandfatherly figure, too!). Jack is a raucaus preteen, very active, who is, nonetheless, still protective (as much as a kid that age would be) of Daniel and Sam. And Sam is a little girl who -- well, let's just say she's still Sam there, who is enough trouble that Dad, as in Jacob, can only control her. And they do not remember their older selves.

There's lots of humor in the story that is built into the *situation* and not tacked on, and Jack, Daniel, and Sam are not portrayed as cutesy widdle kids: just kids. And Teal'c has a chance to show his father skills and how his protectiveness, as well. Oh, and yes, there's a small subplot with the evil NID, but it's all in fun to ratchet the suspense up a little bit.

The fic reads as if, with a few tweaks, it might have had a chance to become an episode. Ah well. We'll have to make do with it remaining a very well-done kidfic.


Before Midday (Ante Meridian) by Otter Jul. 21st, 2005 @ 04:18 pm
Author is up on LJ: agentotter

I read this one more than a few times. This is an Otter fic we're talking about here, so the imagery is excellent, and a hint of a severe ethical boundry punctured (okay, more than a hint) is referred to. For some reason not clear to me, Carter is taking the blame for what happened on a planet the team gated to, and Daniel, Teal'c and Jack seem to be taking the horrendous incident as if it were another day in the office...it's from Carter's POV, and it has lots of atmosphere, and it's a strange short fic. I still don't know what to make of it. But it's an excellent character study in "miniature".

Any other opinions?
Other entries
» Here Comes Peter Cottontail by Tiffany Park
Again, here's the URL first: http://www.geocities.com/tiffanypark/PeterCottontail.htm

Humor, Holiday (Easter), PG-13

Here's another take on the Charity Slave Auction trope, only THIS time, Col. Makepeace is the unwilling victim, and Jack is his nemesis. Who "gets" who is really up in the air in this rivalry of personalities and military branches.

This one never fails to crack me up, because, really...this is devious mischievous Jack at his finest, and the entire situation is played for sly laughs.

Here's the author's description of her fic:
TITLE: Here Comes Peter Cottontail
AUTHOR: Tiffany Park
EMAIL: twilite@sprynet.com
STATUS: Complete
CATEGORY: Humor, Easter
SEASON: Season Two
CONTENT WARNINGS: Language, innuendo, and trashy behavior
SUMMARY: Another holiday, another SGC charity event. Very loose sequel to "You Better Watch Out..."
ARCHIVE: Just here.
AUTHOR's NOTES: There are excessive amounts of artistic license involved here. Beware the dreadful fanfic clichés. You'll know 'em when you see 'em.
ADDITIONAL NOTES: This version of Doctor Barbara Shore was based on characterization from the Stargate movie novelization and its sequels, rather than the movie or the TV series.
» The Auction by Hawk50
Here's the URL, first: http://www.stargatefan.com/fictionabc/auction.htm

When I first started reading fic in Stargate Fandom, this was one of the first I remember stumbling onto. I think the origin of this trope, the Charity Slave Auction Fic, started somewhere with a challenge. I don't know where.

In any case, this challenge spawned an entire subgenre. There are auction fics in which Jack is the Main Prize, and Daniel comes in a poor second. But in each case, of course, it's the women who profit in these stories. I did read one, once in which a put-out Janet DOES end up getting her Daniel-date, and Sam gets her Colonel, and woohoo! both pairs get a letter from the prez telling them it's a-okay to go off and hump later. Then there was the one in which the men were put in *corrals* and wore *collars*(!) and the tone was very BDSM in that way.

But my heart belongs to Hawk50's version of this fanon trope. It's the one in which, uh oh, a predatory woman ends up aiming for Daniel and tries to outbid the rest of the room...it's very funny, and Hawk50 is successful at using many POVs throughout the story.

Humor, Gen, PG
» Take Me Home by PhoenixE
New Gen Favorite! With a strong Daniel and Jack dynamic! Yay!

Okay, okay, I realize PhoenixE has been around the fandom since 1999 with her first long gen fic Redemption, about how the hardass O'Neil of the movie became the kinder, gentler O'Neill we know and love on the television show. But I'd never read her fics before! Okay, here are some more: !!!!!!

Anyhow, here's the URL for Take Me Home, which she wrote in Dec 2000.


I've started reading this one, and haven't read Redemption (no relation to the season 6 episode of the same name) yet, either, but after having skimmed through them, they show stories with a solid writing style, a good understanding of what makes the characters tick, and since they were written relatively early on in the show's history, show the Sam in a competent light without any gooiness going on. It's like discovering missing episodes of the show, it's wonderful!
» Argh! It's Summertime!
Hi all, it's been a while (a looooong while) since I've posted any reccs up on the community. It's summer, and I have a lot of balls up in the air.

Would someone like to volunteer for the rest of July to post up at least four fic reccs? Anything you like, good fic, bad fic, het, slash, gen, adventure, etc. Anything to your taste.

We have some really good writers here on the Friend List, AND on the Member List, who I don't feel I can recc without it feeling too um, incestuous and clubby-like.

Having said that, however, I highly recommend that friends and members check out the other's pages, because there are some real gems out there by the folks on the User Info page.

Places to explore: TheGenGate.com, Alphagate, Area52, Helio2, Bunnyfic, Stargatefan.com...a lot of you are longtime SG fans and writers, so don't be stingy with your sources and reccs!
» Battlefields by Ellen Caldera
Battlefields by Ellen Caldera

Rating: R

Warning: Violence and language

Synopsis A lot can happen in just a few days. When Daniel is missing in action for more than a week, Jack learns just how true that is.

Spoilers: None

Category: Drama
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